Save yourself from that monthly headache– leave the rent collection up to us!

Experience has proven that the trickiest– and most stressful- job for most landlords is collecting rent.

Our rent collection service allows owners full control over their property with no obligation to use KPMM for repairs, while alleviating the stress of chasing down tenants for monthly rent.  We’ll also handle evictions when necessary.

Keystone Property Management & Maintenance LLC was established in 2006. Since the beginning KPMM has strived to serve the Lehigh Valley and Surrounding Areas with outstanding professionalism. In 2012 KPMM announced their expansion into Bethlehem continuing to provide the same outstanding professionalism. Broker of Record is Doug Frederick License #RM422668 1414 W Broad St. Bethlehem, PA 18018 Phone 610-419-6101 – Fax 610-419-6103